Voice To The Voiceless

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PhOENIX ~ 13/4/2019

A show written by Mel Kay about rising from the ashes after battling a life threatening disease. Featuring NEW music from Mel Kay & Liberte focused on creating a masterpiece out of destruction. "Scorch the earth, burn the skies, from the ashes I will rise" 

Liberte formed in 2015 with a group of WAAPA graduates. They have since gone on to be played internationally being picked up by Sydney label The A&R Department and recently receiving an offer to be signed by Miami based international label Rehegoo Music. They have played for the likes of silicon valley and have sold out multiple shows over the past three years. The band writes music focused on subjects such as domestic violence, love, loss, equality and integrity.


This show has now passed.

Where: Voila Voila Tapas Bar 

Address: 918 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

Time: 7:30pm