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Lit Candles

~ After The War ~

"When the world forces us to face the darkest parts of ourselves & others. When we cannot run from the hardest things but are instead forced to face what has haunted us our whole lives."  

This show focusses on the gritty reality of what it takes to survive phycological warfare. How from generation to generation we have faced the same darkness under a different name. "Join us as I explore the challenges humanity has faced throughout the past 3 years & all the way back to the beginning through music!"

Mel Kay has been writing new music over the past two years in preparation for this show. 

Be the first to hear never before released tracks at "After The War" in 2024!

"The last two years have inspired me to reflect on life in many new ways. The most inspirational actions I have seen have been in those who refused bow to fear. To the fierce & defiant spirit pioneering for justice & freedom that moves the heart & gives hope to the soul. This is a tribute to my deep admiration for those prepared to stand up for what is right even when it costs them everything. You are all my heroes. 


 This show aims to focus on the power of holding onto yourself in the middle of a tsunami of oppression. This is dedicated to those who fought for freedom throughout not only our lifetimes but the generations before. To those that gave up their lives so that we could live as more than slaves to a system. True power lies in the realization that no one can force you to become the thing that broke you."

~ Mel Kay ~

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